Tuesday, 13 November 2012

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

This weekend I went to see a screening of The Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Prince Charles Theatre in Soho.

As a novice to Rocky Horror (I only saw it for the first time last year), I was not particularly excited to see it again. The only thing spurring me on was that it was a friend’s birthday celebration.

However when I got there, all dressed up as Magenta (French Maid accessories and all) I couldn’t help but get in the spirit of it.

Patricia Quinn as Magenta 
At the beginning of the show everyone in the audience was provided with props, including a newspaper, a Kleenex and ‘Janet’ and ‘Brad’ cards. These were used at certain iconic moments of the film, e.g. the newspaper was used to shield our heads as Brad and Janet did the same thing in the film.

This is the thing with cult films. They are not necessarily incredibly popular, but those who love the film really LOVE the film. Like an American couple behind me who were shouting out hilarious one-liners throughout the screening.

Although I don’t think The Rocky Horror Picture Show will make it into my top films the experience was so much fun. 

Let's Do the Timewarp Again...

I will be going back to the Prince Charles theatre, as they have quote-a-long screenings of other cult films, including Mean Girls and Anchorman. They also show the hilariously awful The Room, which I definitely will be going to.

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