Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My Brother, the soon-to-be Politician.

Hello there blogging world, I don't believe we've been formally introduced. Well, it's nice to meet you...

After spending the last couple of years watching my mother, Helena Halme ( blog away I have decided to finally bite the bullet and follow in her shoes (catchphrase much!?) I’ll be posting about art, exhibitions and perhaps film. I will also include little stories that I think you may like.

So anyway, lets get on with this!

Last week after aimlessly surfing Facebook when I should have really been working on a presentation for Uni (isn’t it always this way) I saw a status from my brother.

He had casually mentioned his appearance on Question Time. My initial thought was, what appearance exactly? Then after a hurried text to him trying to clear the details out I discovered he had indeed been on actual BBC Question Time asking a, who would have thought it… Question!!

Of course my initial thoughts were not of pride but of confusion. Why had he chosen such a way to let his favourite (and only) sister find out such vital information.

So I rushed to the closest computer to find him on iplayer. And there here was, right at the end of the program. The ‘man in the blue coat.’

This was when I let my annoyance ebb and felt pride. He asked his question so concisely and confidently that my only thought for his future now is that he HAS to become a politician. He has far too many opinions and so little ways to enforce them. So, I say watch this space.

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